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On this page you can browse our products by brand name. The documents are in PDF format. To view these documents you need Adobe Reader. You can download it here

  Old Holland 
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 Old Holland Classic Colours  
        - Old Holland Classic Oil Colours
        - Old Holland Classic Water Colours
 Old Holland Classic Mediums and Varnishes
 Old Holland Classic Pigments


  New Masters
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 Old Holland Classic Acrylics  


  Ara Acrylics

 Ara Acrylics  
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 Vincent Brushes  
        - Vincent Oil-and acrylic brushes
        - Vincent Watercolour brushes


 Angelo brushes  
        - Angelo Watercolour brushes
        - Angelo Oil- and acrylic brushes
        - Chinese brushes and sets
 Angelo Canvas Cotton
 Angelo Linen and Canvas Board
 Angelo Supplies


Art Spectrum
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 Art Spectrum Colourfix Paper and Primer  
 Art Spectrum Soft Pastels
 Liquid Spectrum


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 Dekko Portfolios  

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 Permaset Aqua